Biryani Moments

Who wouldn’t enjoy the sight of savoring tasty Biryani at their own dinner table? Lately, it’s become quite trendy to rush over to crowded restaurants and hotels for eating favorite meals together with friends and family members. But the experience of enjoying the tastiest dishes right in your home with the people you love just can’t be replicated in a restaurant.

Recognizing the beauty of this homely experience, some enthusiastic young entrepreneurs from Kathmandu decided into venture on the idea of delivering an amazing array of Biryani options directly to people’s doorsteps. The result: Biryani Moments, an online-based restaurant chain running in Kathmandu and Chitwan under the banner of the Future Food group. Biryani Moments is among the few Biryani delivery service in Nepal that runs until midnight, meaning that you can tell

your belle to be ready for some delicious biryani even until the late-night hours.

If you believe the words of the owner, one of the best features of Biryani Moments is its emphasis on hygiene and quality. Shyam Kumar Mandal, the Head Chef, claims that all the ingredients used for the meal are meticulously chosen to make sure that their customers get the best out of their Biryani. Putting his over two-decade worth of experience in the F&B Service industry, Mandal states that Biryani Moments’ services are second best to none in the business.

This chain offers a wide variety of Biryanis on their menus. Some of the Biryanis that caught our eyes include:

• Chicken Sufiyani Biryani, • Mutton Zafrani Biryani,

• Egg Biryani,
• Veg Biryani, and • Ostrich Biryani

On top of Biryani, they also offer a good variety of mouth-watering snacks, curries, and chef’s special to help you savor more tasty delicious dishes. They also frequently put out some freebies and lucky draws on their social media pages for which you will need to follow their social media pages. The Versatile team recently ordered and tasted their Biryani at our offices and our team members had good reviews based on what was given to us. They delivered us a huge portion of rice and also had big chunks of meat with raita and chutney. Compared to other Biryani delivery outlets we found their rates to be quite fair as well. But don’t just take our word: try it and make your own opinion.