Ms. Shweta Khadka was born in Panauti, Kavre and she spent her childhood there with her family. She has done double bachelors; first in Account/ Economics and second in Sociology/Population. She is involved in many companies among which Himalayan Java and MRS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are the main ones. She also has a plan to make a movie very soon.


I started a construction company named, MRS & Engineering Pvt Ltd about 6 years ago. I was inspired
to start Construction Company due to inspiration from various friends and family. Before I started this company,
I already had 8 years of experience in this field. I have a vision of making quality buildings in Nepal. I have made many buildings like Rising mall, Head office of Prabhu Bank which is in Kamaladi, Hama travel, Bhat- Bhateni etc to name a few. The main objective of this business is profit but I also feel that I have the responsibility towards my workers from lower to higher level. I am happy that my company has provided opportunity for many to showcase their talent as well as to provide themselves with a decent life. The business is running smooth and I haven’t felt any competition till now. I am very happy with my work and my clients are also happy to work with me.

What inspired you to start this venture?

I was engaged in construction company for a long time and I always thought that if I can work for some other company why can’t I have a company of my own. And many people from film industry as well as others people from various businesses motivated me to do something on my own.

What is so unique about your project and business?

We are different from other construction companies because we don’t use bricks and cement only for construction but
we also use other components of construction that has been tested and used in international arena. Other companies

use local materials only but we also provide our clients with components that are available in developed countries. We also practice international level of interior decoration. You can see that all the new building we have made are unique

and interior is very stylish. We are also pioneer in using light components in outer and internal partitions.

What are the opportunities that you see in this business?

There are many opportunities in this business. I am busy from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I am only free on Saturdays which I keep for myself. There are challenges as well but I am happy to work in this business as my clients are happy with me and I am still getting new opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from Now?

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring and even I don’t know where I will be in 5 years from now. I am still in growth phase and hope for the best in future.

Are you inspired by someone? Who is your source of inspiration?

Yes, I’m inspired by lots of people who helped me till date. But when I talk about this construction company then Mr. Shambhu Shrestha, president of Indreni and Mr. Min Bahadur Gurung, president of Bhat- Bhateni inspired and motivated me a lot. Besides them, there are lots of people who helped me reach this height. I want to thank all from this interview.

What message do you want to give to the youth of today?

I strongly believe that youth are the future of nation. Youth are exactly
like a mould of clay and we can give any shape and sizes to them, but it belongs to us which type of material we want. It is not possible to get all the knowledge from the mother’s womb. And it’s not necessary to have a unique or brilliant mind. If you pursue your dream continuously then the time will come when you will be successful one day. So the youth today should have courage, patience and belief on your capability. And you should be happy with yourself for what you are and whatever you decide to do.