Bhawani Rana, a successful entrepreneur who is currently at the helm of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of

Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), attributes her success to the encouragement from
her family members. Even after 23 years of marriage, she says her in-laws motivate her

to take up work outside her home in the same way her parents used to motivate her before marriage. She says that she has been able to succeed in business life due to the supportive role of her family members.

She credits her leadership role to her upbringing under the watchful eyes of her father, who was an able administrator of an entire zone. Since
her father held a top government post, she says leadership skill was natural to her since her childhood. Rana was interested in swimming, sports, hunting and shooting since her childhood and was groomed accordingly.

She later pursued economics and business studies and was actively involved in student movements. Marrying a man, who was also in the field of business and economics, motivated her to emerge further as a successful entrepreneur.

Concerned about the fragile economy of the country, Rana always held the view that a stable government is needed for economic prosperity.

She claims that the private sector has contributed a lot to the national economy even during the period of political instability as well as during the decade-long insurgency period. According

to Rana, Nepal can take advantage from the booming economics of our neighboring countries India and China but we must first have a strong government and a good political culture to achieve that goal.

She believes that our economy will prosper if the private sector and politics move ahead hand-in- hand to create investment-friendly environment.

She prefers reading autobiographies. She says reading such books helps in getting insight about various aspects of life. Besides that, she likes reading spiritual books as well as politics but says she doesn’t have time to read novels and fictions at present.

Despite her busy schedule, she manages time for her family and never misses to celebrate any festival.