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Hotel Dusit D2 Yarkay Thimphu, Bhutan

Who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation in an internationally branded hotel that offers astonishing views of some of the world’s most beautiful Himalayan mountains? If visiting Bhutan and staying

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Nepal outside Kathmandu Valley

Over the years, many previously unheard or ignored places have emerged as new tourism desitnations in Nepal. However, compared to Kathmandu Valley, only a few places have become capable enough

Some Tips on Maintaining your Kitchen

A kitchen is not just a place to prepare your meals; it’s a center of maintaining the hygiene of your house. A good and healthy kitchen directly contributes to the

Ncell Inaugurates its Revamped Ring Road Greenbelt Project

Nepali telecommunication giant Ncell Axiata has officially inaugurated its CSR initiative to build and maintain the Ring Road Green Belt between Koteshwor and Kalanki. In an official program organized on

King Long Electric Micro Van officially launched in Nepal

Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Ltd. has officially brought King Long Electric Micro Vans in the Nepali market. In a launch program organized on July 6 at Hyatt Place hotel in

An Introduction to Baliyo Nepal

In recent months, you might have heard about Baliyo Nepal in the media. Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative (BNNI) is campaigning a national movement – a collective action to help end

The Bhotekoshi Luxury Adventure

Last month Ms. Joshi took a 3-day weekend getaway trip with her friends along the Bhotekoshi river. In this edition’s travel feature, she recounts this memorable luxury adventure that took

The Benefits of Being Sporty

As someone professionally engaged in sports, I will call myself quite fortunateto be able to earn a livelihood from something that I have really loved allmy life. So, it’s natural

Defining Modern Leadership in the 21st Century

In today’s ultra-competitive world, almost everyone aspires to be a leader but only a few actually have the realization about what it truly takes to become one and how to